I’ve had a number of thoughts after 6.0 on Amon’s development and where his story is going to go. One of the things I noticed as I’ve replayed EW on Amon is that the deeper I’ve gone into content, the more often I’ve removed Amon’s mask.

This might not seem like a huge deal here because usually when I post a screenshot of Amon, I remove the mask (it makes for a better shot). Truthfully, though, about 99% of the time I play Amon in game, his mask is down. If I’m not taking screens, or he’s not busking or interacting with Scylla (she has a strict no-mask rule), he’s got his face covered up.

This was a character quirk that started from the very beginning of Amon’s development. It’s a strange phobic behavior that not even he’s been able to explain. 

Now that I’m thinking on it, I’m not saying it was a behavior built into him given the situation as we now understand it, or even a side effect of things… but it might have been! As could have been his ceaseless fixation on trying to get back to the Tower. 

More and more, I’ve felt that Amon’s wanting to cast aside his mask while I’m playing him through EW. Whether this is his personal statement to defy creation, or assert his independence and unique identity, I’m not sure. But that’s the kind of thing Amon would do. 

I don’t know what the significance is for the change anymore than I understood why the phobia existed to begin with. But as with all things, I will go where my character dictates. Just thought that I’d write about it here.