Scylla brought this up, and I kept meaning to talk about it – musing on Amon’s aether sight abilities. I headcanoned them into being long before Shadowbringers, and that was before it was validated by Emet’s ability to see the color of souls – which is related, but much more rare and advanced, I’d wager.

Scylla pointed out that the Ancients in Elpis seemed to quiet easily see aether and often openly commented on your character’s strange aether (or thinness of) throughout the questlines. So, pulling from that, it appears that aether sight is pretty common, if not downright normal, for the Ancients.

Again, I couldn’t have foreseen the twists that Endwalker brought to Amon’s origins – I’d never even considered who Amon might have been in the Ancient days until now. But it’s just a neat bit of coincidence to think that all along, in the stories I’ve written, he’s been reaching back to one of the common abilities people once had, just unknowing what it meant or how to use it.