Miitopia 1 - Greetings!

Date Posted: 12-25-21

Once upon a time, 'twas a normal (but rather handsome) adventurer named Amon. 'Tis I! 

You can say I'm a bit on the energetic side, but that never hurt anyone, now did it? 

So, here I am, minding my own business when I suddenly get caught up in a mess that wasn't of my own making for once.

I arrived in a town only to discover an evil dark lord is stealing people's faces and putting them on monsters. 

Now, I can get searching for immortality. But stealing faces? What does the guy mean to gain by that? 

Also, how the heck can people eat, much less breathe, without a face? 

Who knows, I suppose. Shouldn't ask too many questions. 

Anyhow, this fellow is Stan. I guess he's angry because his name isn't as cool as mine. 

After seeing what befell the simple peasants of the town, I was asked to lend a hand in finding a way to restore the faces to the people. Apparently, defeating the monster the face is attached to releases the face back to its rightful owner. 

And so, I only had one option... I had to become what I must! 

With these new powers granted to me, I was entrusted by some formless voice (is this what 'tis like to have the echo?) with a quest to save Miitopia! 

Well... I guess I wasn't doing anything else tonight.