Miitopia 2 - Help Wanted!

Date Posted: 12-26-21

My journeys continued across the land, and I was doing perfectly fine on my own… until I was waylaid by more than one monster at a time! Look at these bullies! What was I to do?

Suddenly, out of nowhere, help arrives!

‘Tis Scylla! And she appears to be a cleric of some fashion. I’m not about to turn down help from a healer, so Scylla joins the party! And off we travel together.

She even shared some of her snacks with me!

I must say, food is the way to my heart. No lie.

At the end of a long day, we were quite happy to run across our first Inn!

Here we rested up, had a meal and I decided to purchase a new weapon!

Things are about to get fun. And if not fun, at least they’ll be louder!