About This Site

Spot of Mummery began as a character/story/RP Tumblr. It was launched on June 27, 2018 as part of my attempt to write for Camp NaNoWriMo that year. What came out of it became the Coming Together storyline.

Looking to expand the Tumblr into a website, I first migrated the content to WordPress in December of 2020. I decided to begin expanding to write proper blogging content in 2021. I chose to look at the experiences I'd had over years of being a creative individual within a MMO community, and write about what I've learned.

After dabbling with Neocities for an unrelated project in September 2021, I rediscovered my passion for oldskool HTML coding. That inspired me to rip everything out of the WordPress environment and begin transitioning it into a static HTML fansite instead, which is what you see here. Yeah, it's been a long road, but I feel like I'm finally finding my roots again.

About the Story

"Spot of Mummery" is the tale of two mid-bosses from the Syrcus Tower raid -- Amon and Scylla -- and how they managed to survive the Warrior of Light's onslaught, struggling to make a new life for themselves in the land of Eorzea. If you want to know more about WHY I'd choose Amon as a character, check out this page!

The blog archives the foundational content I've created for Spot of Mummery, spanning back to mid-2018.

You can find Amon and his friends on the Mateus server!


Blogging Awards


I won these badges at Jellyworld's Halloween 2021 event!