Quite a bit of reconstruction going on today!

I reworked the layout of the Spot of Mummery Story Archive - I felt like the previous design was confusing. Hopefully this will make it easier to find the stories you want to read.

I also added the chapters of a new section to the Spot of Mummery Story Archive, entitled Syrcus Tower.

I added a couple of new adoptions to the Pets section and a new mutual link on the Links page.

After much deliberation, I chose to discard the work on the blog conversion I was doing. While I really like how it was coming along, the reality is, there's too much blogging history attached to this character. So, I decided to instead revamp the original Tumblr and give it this website's stylesheet, hoping to create an almost seamless experience when moving between the blog and the site itself.

In the future, I hope to figure out a way to highlight important posts from the blog for easier finding. We'll see - this continues to be a big work in progress.


Just a small update today. I've added the new chapters of the next section of the Spot of Mummery Story Archive entitled The Ancients.

I also added a new link to the Mutuals section of the Links Page as this site just got JAUP'd!


Lots of stuff to talk about in today's updates!

First, I completely reworked Amon's Tunes page - yep, already. I discovered a wonderful JS player that eliminated the need to embed a million videos into a page and made it an actual playlist. You can find the link to that player's files and documentation on the Tunes page.

I've updated the Picrew page with a full gallery of 40+ Picrew images! This is my first time trying a JS lightbox sort of gallery and I think it turned out well. I'll be looking into using it for the other gallery, too, maybe.

I've updated the Spot of Mummery Story Archive with the chapters of the next section of the Spot of Mummery story, entitled Ship Shape. These sections are getting a little smaller in chapter number, so I might be doubling up to get more than one posted in upcoming days.


Last night, I finished adding all the music links to the playlist on the Amon's Tunes page. So feel free to browse and see what kind of songs I associate with his character!

I've also finished posting all of the chapters of the next piece of story in the Spot of Mummery Story Archive entitled Homecoming.

I might work on posting a few random blog posts later on as well, just depends on how much time I have to work on it. Thanks, always, for visiting!


Today's updates are various additions to the Story Archive.

First, I've added the chapters to the newest section of the Spot of Mummery Story Archive entitled Yanxia. You can find that in the normal Spot of Mummery archive.

On the main Story page, I've added the chapters of the Legacy Library. These are just the original old drafts of the first three chapters, seeing that I rewrote those a few years after the first version. I wanted to keep the old on hand just in case, so that's what you'll find there.

I've also added the beginning of Tad's story in the Tales from the 4th Age section. You can now read both 4th Age Broadcasts and 4th Age Private Records! That's a lot of new writing today, but I've been wanting to get some of these smaller pages finished up!


Today, I posted a brand new question from an Anon asker in the Ask Amon section. Wherein, Amon shows off his brilliant new Halloween hat!

I also completed posting all of the chapters of the newest section of the Spot of Mummery Story Archive - Restoration. Slowly but surely I'm getting the story moved over to this site!

Last but not least, I've added one new awesome link to the Mutuals section of the Links page. Be sure to check it out!


Small things first - I moved some of the menu items out of the left nav into the right. Namely the links to the Ask, Tunes, and Contact pages. This gave me a bit more room to space out the left nav and help it not feel so overwhelming and cluttered.

I've gotten the entire Tea and Tomes page functional again, including the Appraisal Submission form. I still need to work on the Tome Appraisal Log, but that's a project for another time.

Aside from that, I've added all chapters of the next section in the Spot of Mummery Story Archive - Descent. I'm shooting to add one section each day as long as time permits!


I'm happy to say that the entire FFXIV Role Play Directory section is now posted and complete! I did inspect all of the entries and removed a few that lead to broken links and the like. But all server pages are up and ready to accept new entries!

Aside from that, I've also posted all chapters of A Chocobo's Tale in the Spot of Mummery Story Archive! I will continue to bring more sections to the story archive as time permits!

Thanks for stopping by!


I've gotten a lot of work done on the site since the last update!

All of the previously asked questions in the Ask Amon section are there to view now. That section is technically complete and ready to accept more questions!

The big project has been setting up the Blog section of the site and determining what content should go there. I don't want to flood the page with too many posts, but I do want to capture the important content as I move away from traditional blogging.

I set up a Zonelets system for the blog, which was pretty easy to style and implement as part of the existing site. I like what it does - making an archive page and such - so I'm going to keep using it. I still need to fancy up the main blog page, but for now, it's functioning and has a few of the posts that I've moved over. I will continue to update this section with posts as an ongoing project!


I'm back to updating the Spot of Mummery Story today. All chapters of Memories from the Crystal Tower are now posted on the story archive!


I've updated all the pages of the Spot of Simmery section today. So the story (up until now) is fully posted in that section.

I also added a new Chat Box in the right margin on most of the main pages. Sub pages - such as story pages - won't have the chat box to avoid too much clutter.

And last but not least, I've added my first mutal link on the Links page! Excited!


So, today I did it! I remapped the Spot Of Mummery domain to Neocities! I'm far from being done with moving content from the old site, but I felt I was at a point where I could make that jump.

Seven chapters of Koh's Q & A - part two of Spot of Mummery Story - are now available!

I also set up new pages in the right menu for Picrew, Awards and Links!


Today I added a Net Adoptions page to the site. Just click the slime icon in the right-hand menu to see my Gifypet! That's all I have for now, but I hope to add more as "adopting" pets on the net was one of my favorite things to do back in the day.

I also posted the first full section of the Spot of Mummery Story Archive. You can find all chapters of Part 1 - Coming Together there now! Will work to continue to update this section daily if possible!


I finished a bunch of work over the past few days on getting the foundational pages of the site in place. Not all of them have full content yet, but just about every page in the menu now links to something. The exception is the Blog because I have yet to decide on exactly how I want that to look.

In the meantime, the Cast section is complete - though I've always wanted to go back and expand on those pages, and probably will in the future. Tea and Tomes has an introduction as a placeholder page. I've put a few pieces up in the Art Gallery to test a new CSS solution for that - pretty pleased with it. I've added some music to the Amon Tunes section, and will continue to add to that going forward. And I've started to get the pages in the RP Directory working. Not a lot there yet, but the submission and landing page are in tact!

Much more to come!


Happy spooky month!

I got a number of small fixes done to the site, including selecting a header font, and installing it (I learned something new!)

I also set up a few new pages - the Guest Tome, About, Contact, and the FFXIV Library. I've got the foundations of Simmery, Ask Amon, and the Story Archive going. There's a few other new random pages sprinkled in there, as well.


I'm setting the foundation for this site - getting the templates done, the layout organized, all that sort of stuff!

It's starting to come together. Almost time to begin moving content in!